Tuesday, October 30, 2012

8 Ways To Be Positive You're Sex Positive-quotes

There were many good points that I as a health education and community health major see the most confusion about.  There are some statements in this article that I thought were true until I took the sexual education class and other personal health classes that are required for my major.

1. "Sex positivity has long been about "owning our desires" but it should also be about owning our lack of desire, which is totally OK."  I find that as a health educator (almost) some students that I have student taught are very undereducated in the topic of protective sex and the safe ways to take care of yourself.  I have found that this article showed that it is acceptable to not want sex.  I find that either refusing sex or even just not wanting it has made woman seem so much more independent.

2. "Talking about your sex life as if it's better than someone else's is glamorizing sex, and that does not move the dialogue forward."  This quote I can relate to a lot through my work.  There are so many younger girls that work with me do not seem to be very experience on the safe ways to have sex and the effective ways to say no.  Some of the stories that I hear scare me because they are so young and so undereducated on the important facts of their sexual health.

3. "Just because you like something sexually doesn't mean its good for you."  This is also very true...also coming from the health education background, I have heard some people say that they have had sex without a condom and they think just because they are on birth control, they will not get pregnant so they don't need to use the condom.  It might feel better, but that doesn't mean its safe.

I really enjoyed reading this article mostly because of my interest in health and the fact that it is what I am going to major in.  Very interesting to read.


  1. I loved that the main point of your post was the undereducation (nice word, but apparently is not real according to Firefox) of young people in regards to sex in this country. And it's so true! But it is because sex is so glamorized by not only people that surround them, but by the media too (songs, tv and movies). And when it's glamorized people just see the "good side" of it and just completely forget about the consequences.

  2. I love how you point out the people are undereducated about safe sex, and really sex in general. I think this is a major problem, and the reason that many people don't know how to view sex.

  3. i like how you are able to help educate students about safe sex when you were student teaching. im sure they thought about this before having sex.