Monday, November 12, 2012

Media and Ideology

One quote in the reading that really stuck out to me read as follows: "Ideology, then, is not just about politics; it has a broader and more fundamental connotation." This quote made me realize that just because in the previous sentence in the reading, it was stated that ideology is a worldview, belief system, and values; those do not always include politics because I don't particularly enjoy politics.

It is read in the reading that when problems happen throughout the United States, there are a majority of times when the media is to blame for those actions.  Some examples that the article talks about includes the shooting at Colorado's Columbine High School in the year 1999. The majority of the blame for these shootings seemed to be steered towards the violent video games that the high school students seemed to be playing at the time. Another example includes President Clinton's Impeachment in the year 1998.  A majority of people seem to think that the media was blowing the scandal out of proportion which caused the impeachment of President Clinton.

When it comes to the media, there are many times in which individuals feel that the impact is very strong.  Some of the examples of impact from the media that comes up in my life a lot due to the fact that I am a health major is the amount of young girls that end up with eating disorders because they see beautiful, skinny, attractive women on the television, in magazines or in music groups and they feel they have to look like them to be attractive.  So other than the media having an effect of our society, it can also cause health problems throughout our society.

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  1. "A majority of people seem to think that the media was blowing the scandal out of proportion..." pun intended?! lol