Monday, November 26, 2012

Talking Point #12

I find that it is important to first off be aware that any individual can be what they want to be no matter what.  Stereotypes of what individuals should be do not make them individuals.  It is accepted to be something that others might not view you as being.

Both of the readings talk a great deal about privilege.  This reminded me of the reading that we had done previous by Johnson.  In the Blanchard article, privilege is mentioned, but it gets more in depth throughout the Ayvazian article.  The reasoning behind this is because in the Ayvazian article, it is stated that people who have privilege tend to have more power throughout the economy and more dominance.  Johnson states "privilege, power, and difference".  Many connections throughout these three articles.

The Blanchard article really touched me because it made me think about bullies or others who find it appealing to make fun of or to pick on others.  I found that the studies that were done in this article were very interesting and makes me think a lot about what some of the students are thinking about in this generation.  It also shows me that my thoughts are a lot different than the students in this generation.  Scary sometimes how fast things change.  I find that it is powerful for students to do little acts of kindness to make others realize that individuals can be accepting as well as kind to one another.

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  1. i love this part when you said "Stereotypes of what individuals should be do not make them individuals" because yes that is true. and i think everyone could agree with that because someone could have said or looked at you in a stereotypical way